Graeme Craig

Director of Commercial Development, Transport for London


Graeme is TfL’s Commercial Development Director and is responsible for the organisation’s land and property across the capital. This includes an Estate Management function that manages 5,700 acres of operational land and over 30 office buildings across London.

Graeme also runs TfL’s commercial property function, which is delivering an initial programme of over 10,000 homes (half of which will be affordable) across more than 50 sites. Graeme’s team will also be developing over four million square feet of commercial office development at sites including Southwark, Bank and Paddington.

TfL has over 2,000 commercial tenants (of which more than 90 per cent are small businesses) with a large portfolio of retail units in and around stations, as well as more than 800 arches across London. All net revenue raised from the commercial activity is reinvested in London’s transport network.

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