EG Keynote: London 2050 The Mayor's Vision

Insight Seminar
In association with EG, in partnership with Savills, Macfarlanes, ABP and Humphreys & Partners
Thursday 15 June, 0930-1015 Seminar Room 3

As London’s infrastructure spending priorities are devised and scrutinised and place-making becomes increasingly part of the conversation around sustainable development, how is the Mayor’s vision for 2050 playing out? What is the opinion of the real estate industry, especially in light of the case put forward to government this year that Crossrail 2 could be part funded by the creation of new developments in the West End? Can property fund the next wave of London’s infrastructure? This session identifies the plans to make London fit for the next three decades, the policy levers needed to make the most of public and private sector input and the areas for innovation.

Jules Pipe, Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration & Skills

Craig McWilliam, CEO, Grosvenor and WPA Vice Chair

Katy Warrick, Head of London Residential Development Research, Savills

James Cooksey, Director of Central London, Crown Estate and WPA Chair

Mark Humphreys, CEO, Humphreys & Partners Architects

John Miu, Chief Operating Officer, ABP

Damian Wild, Editor, EG (Chair)

Gerald Kelly, Partner, Macfarlanes